You can’t just add new

things while

maintaining your

current business


by Adina Levy

“How do I get the time to think about, or do, bigger things in my business??? I’m too busy to breathe right now as it is!”

The other day I shared this graphic ⬆️ and I just keep returning to conversations about this topic over and over with my clients and community members.

FACT: If you’re experiencing burnout with the current setup of your business, something’s got to change.

There are different ways to approach this:

  • You could refuse to change, resisting it and continuing towards burnout until you’re left with no more choices
  • Alternatively, you could stop everything you’re doing and restart. This is probably the riskiest option financially, it generally requires a decent financial buffer to be feasible.

In most cases, a ‘fade out, fade in’ situation is possible. This involves gradually winding down your ‘business as usual’ while trying new things and ramping up a more aligned business model for yourself.

You get to control the rate of changes as you experiment with new ideas, assessing how well they work for your business.

I generally recommend this model, but it’s important to realise, and to answer this person quoted at the top of this post:

⭐️ you can’t just add new things while maintaining your current business activities ⭐️

You need to create extra space in your calendar, in your week, and in your overall capacity. This allows you space to think creatively and set up new things.

It’s about being realistic but also daring to dream big and taking small steps towards that better dream.

Do you want support in making this transition?

Join us in the Neurodivergent Business Collective, where I support business owners in finding their aligned direction and taking steps to ensure that their business fits their life, meets their needs, fuels their passions, and doesn’t lead to burnout.

You deserve it!