Why it’s so important to

start with knowing

yourself, to get out of


by Adina Levy

In my winding business journey, I’ve found the single biggest key to shifting out of burnout was learning about myself.

Once I faced how my brain worked, what motivated me, the challenges I experienced and the support I needed, I could start plotting my path towards a business that was way more aligned with my needs and wants.

It’s a fairly simple pathway:

First – Know yourself
Then – You can work out what supports you need, what business structure will suit you best, what your days should look like
Finally – You can make moves towards that more ideal future that you’ve identifiedΒ 


There’s simply no sense in just randomly trying things. You *may* hit on a business model, product, service, or way of doing business that is aligned with you… or you may not.

You can get a lot more methodical while still having fun and experimenting. But all with the clarity of moving towards a business and life that actually fits you more and more.

So if it starts with knowing yourself, what does this look like? Here are some aspects of yourself that are helpful to know, to start shaping a business that is aligned for you:

  • Know your neurotype
  • Know your individual factors
  • Tasks you enjoy and don’t enjoy
  • Your vision
  • Your values
  • Health and Mental Health
  • What steals your energy (spoons) and what builds your energy
  • Your blocks and challenges
  • Your support needs

Needing more support to learn about yourself and work through the steps towards builsing a more aligned business for yourself?

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