Why does your

perfectionism exist in

your brain?

by Adina Levy

Do you happen to be a perfectionist? If you are a perfectionist to some degree, it can be really helpful to try to figure out why.

What does it give you?

Why does your perfectionism exist in your brain?

What does it bring you when you finish something, or when something is perfect?

And the flip side of that is: what is hard for your brain when perfect isn’t available?

I’d truly love to hear your reflections if you feel like sharing. Or journal it out. Or stare into space and think about this for yourself.

My personal experience with perfectionism is that it’s all about closing loops, having a complete set, being able to set a thought aside. Completion is a big theme there. And things being incomplete and not perfect can cause me serious mental pain and distraction, until I can remedy it.

The shadow side of this: when I let my perfectionism be the boss, I miss opportunities. I stay safe, I delay, I hold back.

It turns our that in business, one of the things that has served me best is actually living the discomfort of putting out imperfect things.

(Hilariously, my Instagram post on this topic came out cropped incorrectly and wasn’t centred, and I doubt I’ll ever forget that but also, I’m actually OK.)

I’ve released my first full podcast episode for the Differently Aligned podcast, Just get started – How to move forward in your business when you’re feeling stuck.

One strategy I share is to address perfectionism by simply practising putting imperfect things out into the world, living through that discomfort, and noticing what benefit it brings you when you do that. 

There are many aspects of being Autistic that can affect our daily lives, and especially our business lives. Some are great strengths, and some aspects of being an Autistic Business Owner can be challenging.

I’ve created a guide “Ideas to Support Business Alignment for Autistic Business Owners” for people like you.

So grab your free copy now, and match your personal challenges with a few ideas that will support you to find your personal version of an aligned, supportive business journey!