Where do you have

friction in your

business? How you can

take the sting out of


by Adina Levy

One of my SpIns (Special Interests) is Systems and Automations. If this is making you excited, read on. And if your eyes are glazing over, please read on anyway cause you probably need this more than anyone…

First, ask yourself:

Where do you have friction in your business?

Where are balls being dropped?

What tasks do you avoid?


Here’s the beauty of systematising & automating – it can take the sting out of so many of these things that make us go ICK or AVOID.

Yes, there’s an initial investment of time (and often, learning new things) that goes with the process of systematising and automating. But that effort pays off immensely.

(and also, it’s not a one-time thing, you’ll always need to monitor your systems and improve and tweak them – STILL always worth the effort!)


Some quick ideas you can implement:

  • Create templated responses to common emails (Gmail has this feature, and you could use TextExpander for this too)
  • Set up filters in your email to automatically tag emails in certain ways, e.g. I have a tag for newsletters and I mark them as ‘unread’ automatically as they’re not urgently needing my attention
  • Set up rules in your accounting software to easily code your transactions (Xero does this, others may as well)
  • Set up online bookings (systems like Acuity or Calendly), allowing clients to book appointments without back-and-forth emails, and which automatically sync with your calendar

Your challenge for the next week:

  1. Pick 1 task in your business that you avoid, hate, ignore.
  2. Work out if it’s actually essential in your business. Can you delete it all together?
  3. If it’s essential – Spend 30mins – 1 hour implementing a more streamlined, systematised, or automated way of doing this thing. Treat yourself to your fave snack or beverage while you do this as it may be boring and annoying. You deserve this!
  4. Enjoy a future where that annoying task is less onerous, more streamlined, more automated.
  5. Email me to let me know what you picked and how it went!

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