Unhitch your time from your money-making potential – Leveraged income

by Adina Levy

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m obsessed with helping others find what an aligned business is for them, and work towards making that happen. Us ND business owners often struggle with ‘too much peopleing’ and for those who come from service-based businesses where YOUR TIME is the product, it can be really hard to imagine a life where you get solid income AND more time freedom, schedule flexibility, time to recover and time to find your joy.

You can do it. I’ve done it.

I adore helping others do it.

So what does it look like? The key is to develop arms of your business that are more leveraged than direct time-for-money swaps. More leveraged = it can scale and grow. Your dollars aren’t tied to your direct time input.

I’ve made a non-exhaustive list of some of the main ways to shift from being a purely service-based business where you swap time-for-money, towards a more value-based and scalable business that can keep you making either more money per hour, or unhitch your time from your money-making potential.

As you read through it, I’d encourage you to find 1-2 of these that you’re either working on already, thinking about already, or you are NOW starting to think ‘this could work for me and my business’.

Here’s the list of some more leveraged ways to make money in your business:


• Offer premium consulting services – Although this is still tied to your time, you can charge higher rates

• Have staff work in your business (contractors, employees) who conduct a service – While this expands your capacity, it requires management and coordination.

• Run small group sessions – This is more scalable than one-on-one sessions but still requires your time per session

• Run a workshop, info session, or webinar, either in person or online – You can even record and continue to sell online webinars/workshops after the live session

• Become a paid speaker at conferences or events – This can reach a wide audience, it does have a time demand (often significant) but you can charge higher rates

• Resell/promote products or services and get affiliate commission – Requires less effort per transaction

• Create low-cost resources to sell, e.g. worksheets, activity books, workbooks

• Host a podcast and monetise it: Create and grow a podcast, then monetise it through sponsorships, ads, and affiliate marketing

• Write and publish a book or e-book – Requires substantial initial effort but offers potentially high and ongoing returns

• Develop an online course – High initial effort but very scalable once established

• License your proprietary methods, frameworks or tools – Can be highly profitable and scalable with minimal ongoing effort

• Create a membership site with a subscription model, offering exclusive content, community access, and/or specialised support

It’s vaguely arranged from least to most leveraged… meaning that the things up top still have quite a high connection between time/money and the ones at the bottom are more scaleable.

Which idea will you try out, in the next month?

Which is easiest for you?

And which is most closely aligned with your skills, passions, brain, strengths, and goals?


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