There are no wrong answers. Only experiments.

by Adina Levy

One of the wonderful and challenging parts of running your own business is just how much freedom you get. You call the shots. You make the choices. You pick the priorities.

This can be super freeing and it can also be really intense and lead to decision fatigue.

As you read this now, if you’re grappling with ANY fork-in-the-road decision I want you to know this:

There are no wrong answers.

Only experiments.

OK technically it’s not super true – there are a few wrong answers in business. But the kinds of decisions I’m talking about here are things like:

  • Should this offer be $40 or $50?
  • Should I run the workshop in 1 month or in 2 months?
  • Should I say yes to my employee who wants to take additional leave days for an important family occasion?
  • Should my logo & brand colour be this type of green or that type of green?

In most cases, the business decisions you get to make are part of the wonderful experiment that is business.

So go ahead, pick something, roll with it and notice the outcomes. Then adjust in future!

In almost all cases, business decisions are not permanent. You can change your mind, pivot, try a new thing. You’re rarely actually locked in for life, so just make that decision and go forth!

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