The two ways I

approach content

creation – Autistic =

strategic, ADHD =


by Adina Levy

As an AuDHDer (Autistic + ADHD) I often find myself experiencing contradictions within myself… And this is super apparent in how I approach Content Creation for my businesses. I’ve shared more about this in my podcast episode this week: My Strategic (sometimes Chaotic) Content Creation Workflow as an Autistic ADHDer & Business Owner​

Here’s how it plays out in my brain…

My autistic side enjoys structured planning, loving a full content calendar that starts with an outline of what I’ll be promoting and when, then carefully linking in those plans with the content that people want from me, aligned with what I’m selling or sharing. My Autistic side dreams of batch-creating content calmly and efficiently…

My ADHD side thrives in spontaneity, pushing me to act on fresh ideas immediately, regardless of other plans. I get an idea, I create. Everything else on my mind takes a back seat.

My neurodiversity affirming approach to my personal content creation workflow is to embrace this blend of detailed preparation and impromptu creativity. I celebrate when I *do* something and I release it when I’m not able to meet the outlined plans I’ve set.

I sure hope this is working for you, and I also hope that this has sparked something in you and how you relate to your own natural process and flow!

Is this you… You have all the ideas and dreams of sharing more social media content or sending more emails to your community… BUT when do you actually make time to GET IT DONE?

Or how do you even know which direction to go with your content?


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