Steal my Content Creation Workflow

by Adina Levy


Here’s my content creation workflow

Sometimes I plan carefully, following the process I outline in this post. Autistic me shines.

Sometimes I’m chaotic and my ADHD takes over, and I post something quickly as it pops into my head.

My Neurodiversity Affirming approach to my own process: I leave space for both

My content creation workflow (when I follow it!)
1️⃣ Map out my promotions calendar. This is the strategy part of things. All content has a purpose (it’s not always to sell stuff!)

2️⃣ Figure out the Call to Action (CTA) for each piece of content – what I want someone to do next

3️⃣ Outline the topic of the content, something that aligns with, or leads to the CTA

4️⃣ Write, speak on my podcast, or create in Canva. I start my process in any one of these ways, depending on my mood

5️⃣ Get my VA to help publish the content. I’m working on doing this more, but don’t always get stuff created in time for maximum help

6️⃣ Repurpose the content into different formats, or at least maintain a copy of the text or content in a way I can easily refer back to for later repurposing


My main repurposing pathways
Podcast β†’ IG Post β†’ Email β†’ Blog
IG Post β†’ Podcast β†’ Email β†’ Blog
Email β†’ IG Post β†’ Blog
Email β†’ Podcast β†’ Blog
Webinar β†’ IG Post β†’ Email β†’ Blog
Webinar β†’ Email β†’ Blog

Tools I use for Content Creation:
πŸ“ ClickUp: Content planning, drafting, tracking progress, collaborating with VAs
πŸŽ™ Descript: Recording podcast, screen recording for webinars, video & podcast editing, auto transcripts
πŸ–Ό Canva: Carousels, graphics, ad images
πŸ“† Later: Scheduling IG, Linked In and Facebook posts
πŸ“§ ConvertKit: Writing and sending emails, tagging contacts on my email list
πŸ“£ Libsyn: Publishing my 2 podcasts
πŸ’» WordPress: Blogs, sharing a version of my weekly emails so they live forever

Reflection moment: What is your most aligned, most friction-less pathway to creating and sharing content? Do you need to shift something in your workflow to make it easier for you?


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