Sometimes you have to

pause or go backwards,

so you can grow

by Adina Levy

When you’re on the treadmill of daily Busy Stuff, you don’t have creative space to dream, plan and build bigger and more freeing things.

The only way to grow out of the Daily Grind mode is to pause, and sometimes even go backwards first, and trust in the boundless future capacity you can build when you do that.

But I’m not talking about blind trust. This isn’t magic and this isn’t empty promises and this isn’t easy. But it gets easier. And the result is hecking worth it

The ‘pause’ might look like:

⏸️ cancelling a day of clients to regenerate, dream and plan

⏸️ having a holiday

⏸️ stepping away from your desk at lunch to go for a walk

⏸️ reducing your time-for-money workload by just 2 hours a week from now on, and honouring future you by working only on Big Dreams in that time

The ‘going backwards’ might look like:

⏪ taking a reduction in pay for a short time (a calculated one that you know is sustainable for your life and business needs)

⏪ an energetic dip while you think, dream and work hard to create future ease

⏪ feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed before you breakthrough towards clarity (please reach out if you’re here, you don’t need to stay here long and I can help!)

⏪ making an investment in some tools, materials, training in your business that will help you shift directions towards boundless freedom

⏪ facing fears, uncertainty and imposter feelings before you blast through them and grow into your next version of yourself and your business

It takes bravery and patience and support but you CAN have a business that is a great fit for your life, brain and needs. Promise!

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