Sometimes, all you need is a little dopamine boost (when you’re feeling utterly smashed with the weight of all the demands)


by Adina Levy

When to chase the dopamine? I often share the value in stepping back from ‘doing’ to review all the things you think you need to do.

Pause before acting. Considered action.

Sometimes, this is perfectly fine. The wisest move.

Other times, you’re floundering. You’re feeling utterly smashed with the weight of all the pressures, tasks and demands.

Sometimes, all you need is a little dopamine boost.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (a chemical ‘messenger’ in the brain), that plays a key role in feelings of pleasure, motivation, and reward.

This might mean tackling any. task. at all. Not the most important. Not the most impactful.

Choose any task that feels fun, interesting, easy and just get stuck into it.

The little boost of happy-brain-juice you’ll get from one small success can be used to help you take your next step.

That next step might be a cafrefully considered prioritised action. Or maybe you need to continue chasing a quick dopamine hit with a quick win.

There’s a time and a case for both considered action, and for the random acting that follows your delights and interests.

P.S.: My version of this? Creating this email right now! I have SO many things I need to get done. Big things that I know will ‘move the needle’. And yet I’ve let myself create this IG post that’s on my mind while I’m living it… After posting this I think I’ll be ready to tackle one of my ‘important’ things!

I hope this helps you sometime, if you’re feeling that you’re drowning in tasks and demands. Give yourself permission just to get started on ANYTHING AT ALL and let yourself feel that little win!

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