Scary & important

business moves – which

one do you need to


by Adina Levy

Have a read over these excitingly scary, bold, brave and important moves my clients have made, just in the last couple of weeks! *wipes a proud tear* I’m truly honoured and delighted to be walking alongside these wonderful humans.

Watching neurodivergent people transform their business to be more aligned with their brains, lives dreams… What a joy! Ok let’s dive in to the Bold Moves!

😱 Scary & important business moves my fabulous Neurodivergent coaching clients have made recently

✨ Reduced how often they’ll visit clients in a far-away, burnout-inducing location

✨ Said yes to a fancier, calmer, more private workspace rather than a shared coworking space

✨ Chose to reduce client hours, so they could open up more creative time for developing Bigger Things

 Stopped selling some existing workshops, because the target audience is no longer aligned with their future business direction

✨ Launched a podcast, which meant learning so many New Things, and being so brave too!

 Chose a price for a new service that scared them a little (and their client said yes to that price!)

 Committed to a clear direction: who EXACTLY their business will be for, and who it won’t be for

✨ Started working with their first coaching client (who quickly had an important win!)

I’m noticing some themes here… Building self-knowledge leads to figuring out the truth of what’s working for YOU and what’s not working.

It’s another huge step to then make the bold moves that you KNOW are going to help you be your best self, in and out of your business life.

Reflection Moment:

What scary and important move are you hesitant to make, right now?

What scary/important move can you commit to, in the next week?

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