My winding business

journey – I’ve lived it all

by Adina Levy

I wanted to share a bit about why I am building Neurodivergent Business Coaching & Consulting and Neurodivergent Business Collective. I basically couldn’t NOT create this…

You might already know I’m an AuDHDer (Autistic ADHDer), a speech therapist, professional educator, podcaster, business coach, and a multi-business human (can you just see my ADHD shining through with that list??).

My business journey began in the mid-90s at age 8, with a quilling and card-making business called ‘KIDZ Design’ that I shared with my best friend. This venture was a real learning curve – we lost money on our first market stall, but it was a start! We got a taste for the entrepreneurial life!

I later ventured into cushion-making and fabric design in 2012 to fund a 3 month trip around South America. To this day, I earn a cheeky $10 a month from my fabric designs – mogul money, right? Not quite retiring on that passive income though…

My business experience has since spanned various models, including:

  • Solo, mobile speech therapy practice (exhausting, dynamic, profitable but always always always on the move)
  • Running a ‘traditional’ speech therapy clinic and team of 10 (I think?!) at the largest (this coincided with my first ‘maternity leave’ and then COVID. Burnout, intense guilt, falling into a money pit, masking, barely coping but doing it for the team)
  • Making the huge decision to close the team and office with 10 weeks’ notice to pivot back to my more aligned business – solo and making an impact in a different way (hardest and best decision ever)
  • Shifting to online only, and eventually shifting my audience from parents to professionals, and now to fellow ND business owners too! I’ve moved from ‘one-one’ support to mostly ‘one-to-many’ and aI have carved out a huge amount of flexibility, thinking time, and space to build something that can scale and grow and support many more people that I could when I had my 20+ clients a week (I’ve never had more flexibility, profit, and fun, and yes I still work myself bloody hard but it’s all a much better fit for my noggin!)

Through this, I’ve learned a lot. Whoah what an understatement.

One of my key realisations is that business is a beautiful game of endless learning and creativity. I’ve now found a way for me to make a huge positive dent in the world while aligning everything with my needs and energy patterns.

It’s possible to have a business that’s impactful, supports the life you want, and is profitable.

I absolutely adore helping other business owners, especially those who are neurodivergent, to discover this for yourself. I’m passionate about helping you find what aligns with you and supporting you in getting there.

Imagine a business life where you thrive, share your spark with the world, and enjoy profitable fun. With community, with support, with guidance. We can do this, together!

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