Little me worked 12 hour shifts. Little me had no idea that down-time and quiet time was OK and valid…

by Adina Levy

Deep in my Dropbox folder, I recently found an export of my blog posts from 2001-2010 (that were hosted on a site that is now long gone ๐Ÿ˜ญ).

Here’s an excerpt I found from when I was an English teacher, teaching English to adults who came from around the world to Australia. I frequently worked double shifts. For context, I was 23 years old and had zero kids, and lived with my parents.

I worked for almost 12 hours and got $300 for itย (I was clearly delighted at the time!) but I also know I was highly caffinated, and functioned on VERY little sleep. I rolled from work day to work day drinking coffee and buzzing, and thenย I’d totally crash on weekends and various other days too.

This life was totallyย unsustainableย and thankfully for me it was only for a few months at this intensity. I shudder now to think of little me, masking through the days and talking, teaching, peopling for 12 hours a day. Little me could manage better than 38 year old me-with-2-kids-and-more-responsibilities could!ย Little me had no idea I was Autistic/ADHDer, and that down-time and quiet time was OK and valid…

These days I’ve crafted a life for myself whereย time and money are almost completely separate concepts. I can make money when I sleep, and some nights I do. Some days go by where I make no dollars and do a lot of work, and the pay off comes when many wonderful people join my programs, webinars and so on.

I thrive in the ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs. I have so much flexibility.ย And while I work bloody hard, I get to work on things that light me up and help people like YOU.

I get to work when my brain is on, when my energy is up to it.ย I can absorb sick days and changes of plans (not that I love them, but I can manage it).


I want this for you too. I want you to find a business life for yourself that allows you to work at sustainable levels, and allows you to take time off when you need or want.

Neurodivergent Business Collective. This community is a safe space to share the realities of being a neurodivergent person in a challenging world.ย I support you to find what YOUR version of an aligned business is, and I help you get there.

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