Let go of something good to invite in something BETTER!

by Adina Levy

Are you holding onto something in your business just because it’s good, even though it might not be the best fit for your future?

In the podcast episode of my Differently Aligned Podcast, I explore the idea that sometimes, letting go of something good can open the door to something even better.

By embracing this concept, you can make room for greater joy, profit, and alignment in your business.

It’s not just about cutting out what’s not working, but also about being brave enough to step away from what’s ‘good enough’ to invite in something exceptional.

Ready to dive deeper? Listen to the full episode here:




Reflection moment: What can you let go of in your business, even if it’s going well, that by letting it go, you may likely invite in more good things… more calm, more alignment, more money, more chill, and bigger impact?

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