It’s time to stop doing manual, tedious tasks. Let the robots do them!


by Adina Levy

One of my SpIns (Special Interests) is Systems and Automations. If this is making you excited, read on. And if your eyes are glazing over, please read on anyway cause you probably need this more than anyone…

Here’s the beauty of systematising & automating – it can take the sting out of so many of these things that make us go ICK or AVOID.

Every task I hand off to a ‘robot’ (mainly to automation tools like Zapier, but also to my ol’ friend Chat GPT) frees me up to create more, to think more, and to rest more.

Yes, there’s an initial investment of time (and often, learning new things) that goes with the process of systematising and automating. But that effort pays off immensely.

(and also, it’s not a one-time thing, you’ll always need to monitor your systems and improve and tweak them – STILL always worth the effort!)

Here’s a quick audit you can do, to see which systems and automations you should put in place or improve next… to relieve your human brain from having to do things that you struggle with, avoid, or are just simply super boring for you! Which one will help you most?

🟥 Automate appointment reminder emails and/or SMS messages for clients

🟧 Set up calendar bookings so clients can book into your calendar. This helps reduce back-and-forth scheudling emails, and helps you uphold your ‘availability’ boundaries

🟨 Use email rules and filters to help sort and categorise your emails as soon as they come in

🟩 Automate payment processing and invoicing as much as possible. This helps customers/clients AND businesses with cash flow, relationships, and accuracy

🟦 Set up automatic rules in your accounting software to make reconciling quick (or outsource to a bookkeeper who can do the same!)

🟪 Create templates for emails, reports, certificates, notes, any document really! And as a bonus, automate the duplicating and customising of this template to your specific client/customer

The more you can take off your human executive function demands, and hand off to the ‘robots’, the more you free up your brain and life to do more interesting, creative, aligned work. And the more you free yourself up to do NOT work things too!

Can I help you travel further into your aligned business journey? I sure hope so!

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