If you only swap time-for-money, you’re at a high risk of burn-out. Here’s what you can do.


by Adina Levy

I wanted to share something that I support my clients and community with… regaining time and calm by shifting your work away from a direct time-to-money connection.

If you’re a service-based business owner, what % of your revenue comes from direct time-for-money services? You see a client, they pay you, you have money.

What % of your revenue comes in a more flexible way, that is not a direct time-for-money swap?

If you’re at 100% time-for-money, you’re running a high risk of burning out without a financial buffer.

If your client cancels, you may or may not get paid.

If you’re sick or exhausted, you don’t get paid.

If you take a holiday (which you bloody well deserve!), you don’t get paid.


This is not sustainable, and it’s not financially safe.


So what can you do to build a safety buffer, and increase your flexi-revenue? So many options, and there’s no 1 right path. Experimenting and finding your personal avenue towards reduing 100% time-for-money is all about getting started on SOMETHING!

Some ideas you can try – have a think which is most interesting and most achievable for you!

  • Run group programs (this is still time-for-money but you can shift the equation)
  • Run a paid webinar
  • Create a mini course or a bigger course
  • Sell worksheets, workbooks and resources you’ve already created

I’d LOVE to support you directly, to shift your business towards a more sustainable, aligned business.Β 


Do you need more support in embracing your experiments in your business? Join us in the Neurodivergent Business Collective!