How to catch the early

warning signs of


by Adina Levy

I recently had the utter joy of learning from, and chatting with OT, friend, Neurodivergent sparkleย Stephanie Robertsonย as she shared with myย Neurodivergent Business Collectiveย all aboutย sensory supports and interoceptionย for business owners.

Here’s something she shared that I think we can all learn from –ย Some of the early warning signs of burnout to look out for:

  • Increased anxiety
  • feeling tired, no matter how much sleep you get
  • lack of motivation, even for the things that you would usually really enjoy
  • increased irritability
  • decreased productivity despite seeming to work really hard
The body’s starting to give you signs that it’s getting to its capacity. And it’s like, “I can’t keep going at this rate anymore. We might need to slow this bad boy down.”
Steph Robertston

I found this so so helpful as a guide to reflect on how I’m feeling compared with my usual. My hope for ALL of us is that if we can get better at tuning in to these smaller, more subtle signs of burnout-approaching, we can take steps to slow down, listen to our bodies and minds, and recover before we get in too deep.


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