Goals! How do they make you feel? Fuzzy goals and intentions are fine too!


by Adina Levy

The topic ofย being afraid to set clear or big goals for your businessย has come up in discussions with a couple of my coaching clients.

It’s not the first time, and it’s utterly relatable to me too. If this sounds a bit like you, read on!

I will preface this by saying that there are many forms that ‘goals’ or intentions can take, and each format serves different people in different ways. There is certainly a case for being goal-less, especially if you experience demand avoidance where a goal can see super demanding and intense, but it’s something I suggest exploring further rather than just throwing all goals away!

Fuzzy goals (not SMART goals) and intentions are options that may offer you the same clarity in your focus, without the intensity.


Here’s one way that fuzzy goals is working for me right at this very moment!ย I have a goal to send 1 helpful email to you each week. I have an intention to send this on a Wednesday or Thursday. (I’ve rarely shared this out loud!) (because it rarely happens!). More often, I send this email on Fridays. And yet here I am sending you the email on a Saturday.

Without the goal, I wouldn’t have got to this email at all, and you wouldn’t be getting my brain-thoughts in your inbox this week. It’s super important to me (and to you, my community and reader) to share valuable thoughts regularly, totally free. And the lack-of-specificty of my goal/intention means that I permit myself toย follow my energy and capacity, and allow the idea of ‘done is better than perfect’ to exist in my business.


So let’s turn this around to think about your own relationship with goals.


If you’re afraid to set big goals for yourself, get curious about why.

Ask yourself…

  • What are you afraid of, that may happen?
  • What benefit could it have if you do set yourself goals or clear intentions?
  • Whatโ€™s your relationship with setting goals been, in the past?
  • And whatโ€™s been your relationship with reaching goals or not reaching them?


What if a goal is allowed to both exist, guide and drive you…

While the goal is also allowed to change, be left behind, or not met.


The value of a goal isnโ€™t in meeting it.

The value is in how it can propel you forward.


Can you move towards getting more comfortable with having fuzzy goals, โ€˜maybeโ€™ goals, or temporary goals that can shift at any time?

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