An antidote to


by Adina Levy

Here’s the thing…

So many of us neurodivergent folks struggle with perfectionism, and the pursuit for ‘perfect’ can hold us back from even getting started.

For me, I see my perfectionism as a big part of my ‘autistic side’ (as opposed to my ‘ADHD side’ which likes to rush in a push stuff out into the world without proofreading… I constantly have to balance these forces!).

A huge part of dealing with pushing through the blocker that is ‘seeking perfect’ is just challenging yourself to get things out there even if they’re not perfect. Even if it feels uncomfortable. And notice that in the bigger picture of things, it’s a benefit to everyone to be sharing possibly imperfect things with the world. It’s hard but it’s important to challenge perfectionism.

So if this sounds like you, I want to challenge you to consider this…

What if it was easy? What if you just got started, and edited later? What if your idea as it stands right now is JUST what someone else needs? What if you put out something not-quite-perfect but your ideas and excellence is OUT there, helping others? Please feel free to hit ‘reply’ and let me know – what’s one thing you’ve been holding off doing or sharing, that you can just SEND OUT INTO THE WORLD today?

Good enough = excellent

There are many aspects of being Autistic that can affect our daily lives, and especially our business lives. Some are great strengths, and some aspects of being an Autistic Business Owner can be challenging.

I’ve created a guide “Ideas to Support Business Alignment for Autistic Business Owners” for people like you.

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