Aligned Business Workshop

for Neurodivergent Business Owners

Saturday 22nd June 2024

10am – 3pm Sydney Time (AEST)

Online on Zoom

Move towards clarity on what an aligned business looks like for you, while deepening your understanding of your individual strengths, needs and values.

Get clear on your next steps, while sharing & connecting with other like-minded ND business owners.

What is the Aligned Business Workshop?

I model and teach a neurodiversity affirming approach to life and business, which means we recognise that all brains are different and valid. Your unique brain type and passions can be connected up with a realistic, aligned business pathway.

Your support needs are valid, and I encourage you to reflect and honour the help and rest you require to be your best self. You deserve it.

In the Aligned Business Workshop, you’ll share space with up to 24 participants and you’ll get to know a small group of these folks across the day. We’ll set the scene together in a bigger group and then break out into the same core small groups, for a range of discussion topics and activities across the day.

We have lots of break time scheduled in (so it’s around 4 hours of workshopping across a 5 hour span) to help you regulate and feel refeshed.

You’re able to participate and communicate in whatever way suits you best – all communication is valid. You can speak aloud, you can type into chat, you can share via gestures or simply listen in for a while, if that feels aligned for you.

Some key facts about the Aligned Business Workshop

πŸ“† Saturday 22nd June 2024, 10am – 3pm Sydney time (AEST)

In some other timezones:

Perth: 8am – 1pm
London: 1am – 6am
New York: Friday 21st 8pm – Saturday 1am
Los Angeles: Friday 21st 5pm – 10pm

β˜•οΈ 3 breaks across the workshop, for toilet, tea, lunch/snacks, sniff the outside air, etc

πŸ“ΊπŸš« Not recorded – live only so you can share confidently knowing your ideas and thoughts are safe within the group setting

πŸ“– Workbook to help you keep track of your ideas and thoughts

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Maximum of 24 registrants, and you’ll be split into small groups across the day (the same group, so you get to know each other and don’t keep meeting new people all day)

πŸ€”πŸ’­ Recommended pre-workshop tasks sent when you register, which will help you get the most out of the day


Β $300 AUD per person

Why join the Aligned Business Workshop?

You’re a neurodivergent business owner and…

    You need help working out what you want and need from your business

    You are struggling to figure out where to focus your energy in your business

    You can’t keep up the pace of swapping time-for-money and want more flexibility, while still making money you want and deserve

    You struggle to charge and ask for what your skills and valuable support are worth

    You’re constantly chasing your tail trying to Get All The Things Done

    You’re facing fears of… getting it wrong, imperfection, rejection, standing out, imposter-syndrome or other flavours

    Your systems are a mess… You’re sure that you are doing too much manual work that could be automated or outsourced

    You value sharing discussions, ideas, community and connection with other neurodivergent business owners

    What we cover in the Aligned Business Workshop

    Your values for life and business

    What you need your business to do for you in 2024

    Your strengths and passions

    Your challenges and support needs, within business and in general

    How to honour your challenges and support needs within your business structure in 2024

    How to maximise your strengths and passions within your business in 2024

    Your next steps

    Your questions answered (as many as we can during the time!)

    Hi! I'm Adina

    I'm an AuDHDer (Autistic ADHDer), speech therapist, professional educator, podcaster, business coach, and multi-business human (my other business is Play. Learn. Chat.) .

    My varied business career started in the mid-90s when my best friend and I had a quilling and card-making business 'KIDZ Design' and we lost money on our first and only market stall. Whoops. Learning.

    I started a cushion-making and fabric-design business in 2012 to save money for a trip around South America... and to this day I still get around $10 a month of fully passive income from my fabric designs. Mogul-money!

    I've since had a range of other business models, running a 'traditional' speech therapy clinic with a team, pivoting to an online business during COVID times, shifting from a mainly parent-audience to a mainly professional-audience, and now into a business-owner-audience.

    I've learned a LOT along the way and one of the main things I now recognise is that business is a beautiful game for me, of endless learning, creativity, a way to help the corner of the world in a way that I believe is most impactful. All while shaping my business life to be more and more aligned with my needs.

    I now see that it's possible to have a business that makes an important impact in the world, supports the life I need and want, AND makes money. I didn't always believe that. It takes work, and a lot of that work is internal - knowing yourself and what you want, need and enjoy.

    I adore helping other business owners, especially those who are neurodivergent, to find what would be aligned for them, and to help them get there.

    I hope you'll join me on this journey towards a more aligned business, for YOU! One that helps you thrive, share your spark with the world, and live a profitable and fun business life!

    Who the Aligned Business Workshop is for:

    Neurodivergent business owners wanting more alignment!


    If you identify as neurodivergent, you’re welcome here!

    You may have a diagnosis, you may be self-identified, you may be ‘neuro-questionning’ and feel like your brain is a bit different to most other people’s. This is an inclusive space.

    You don’t need to share your flavour of neurodivergent with the group but you are very welcome to if you feel comfortable.

    Business Owners

    You own a business, or you are planning to start a business. Simple as that! You may be new to business, at the cusp of a business pivot, or deep into your business experience. Even if you’re part time, that’s cool!

    All business owners from all sectors are welcome.

    Wanting more Alignment

    You are aware that your business could work better for you, your needs, your strengths, your passions, and your life.

    You want validation, ideas, connection and support to help you navigate the pathway towards a more aligned business.

    My philosophies about Business


    Flow & Fun

    Your business doesn’t have to be hard. You’re allowed to have fun in your business.



    Your business can work with the best of your strengths & interests



    Your business can fit your life and your support needs



    You’re allowed to make money in your business, in fact you NEED to and you deserve to



    You can do business differently to others, and differently to how you’ve done it before



    You can feel connected and validated when you build your business with other folks who GET you!