7 Ways I use Chat GPT as

a ‘Thinking Partner’ in

my Business

and the very real

prompts that I used

by Adina Levy

1. Asking for clear information in a format that my brain can manage:

“Explain UTM parameters to me as briefly and simply as possible. Talk like I’m 10 years old”

*at which point I still tuned out from the response and went off to write this post πŸ˜…

2. Helping me plan a marketing campaign at a very high level

“Let’s think about this task: Outlining the marketing plan for the Communicate and Connect webinar series. Give me a very simple, brief marketing plan that includes emails, social media, podcasts, and FB ads”


3. Getting help thinking through how I can look after myself better…


“This week, I need to focus on not working in the evening, giving myself enough, rest and exercise time, and outsourcing”

To which I got terribly dull neurotypical advice… So I then redirected Chat GPT to give me a better, more ND-friendly response

“That advice is fine for someone who’s neurotypical but I’m neurodivergent. I find it really hard to switch my brain off. I find it really hard to sleep. I find it really hard to leave a project in the middle and I find it really hard to let go of perfection and the expectation that only I can do something.”

4. Chatting through priorities to help me figure out where to go next

“I want to do a big zoom-out overview of all my business activities to help me figure out where I should be putting my energy next, because everything feels urgent and important right now.”


5. Helping me build a table so I can review and choose applicants for my new, additional VA role

“Ok we’re going to pick the best candidate. Here are the names of our shortlist and their hourly rate. Please start by making me a table with each person on a row. We’ll add columns soon”


I followed up with further prompts to add columns for ratings (I rated their responses to various questions or how aligned their skills were for specific aspects of the role). I got totals. I got GPT to sort the table, and to remove candidates who were not suitable. I was then able to narrow it down to 2 candidates whose applications I could read in more depth with a lot more clarity!

6. Creating an image for a blog post

“Show me imagery that captures the idea of pausing to grow, or moving backwards to then more forwards with more joy”

7. Creating categories for a form I was creating for my Neurodivergent Business Collective

“I need a list of industries for my Neurodivergent Business Collective to choose from, as I’m creating a directory”


Hope you found this helpful!


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